Special Day Workshops

Groundbreaking Workshop for your school

We have been delivering multicultural workshops in schools for over ten years offering Bhangra dance, Bollywood dance, costume demonstrations and drumming sessions. Recently we have developed a unique one-day workshop called 'Special Day' which is designed to incorporate absolutely everything we do into an interactive journey of a Hindu wedding. This workshop is not only entertaining and fun but hugely educational as we use the objectives set within the SMSC Agenda to deliver our outcomes. The workshops also feed into Community Cohesion.

The Outline

One session lasts 50 minutes and we are normally able to deliver four sessions in one day but we are flexible with each schools needs and varying school days. A typical Special Day workshop includes the following:

  • Interactive Hindu wedding journey display using images and wedding articles carefully designed for learners to view
  • Live drumming demonstrations (with student participation)  
  • Five minute introduction assembly
  • Indian sweet tasters 
  • Bhangra dancing delivered by professional practitioners
  • Costume demonstrations  

Please get in touch for more information or to organise a meeting at your school.

Email: nowdance@outlook.com